Professors are more than teachers at Yaşar. They are also mentors, innovators and inventors. Our faculty are known for their calibre and experience, as leading Turkish and international acemics. Join a your ideas are valued and classes are kept purposefully small. Our supportive culture will give you the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to achieve your personal goals.


The beautiful city of İzmir is a major centre for technology and business in the region of the Mediterranean, Caucasus, Balkans, Central Asia and the Middle East. Experience the vibrancy of East meets West, Europe meets Asia, contemporary meets traditional, and all intertwined with the city's 8,500 years of history.


The international Student Organization organises a host of events and trips throughout the year, in addition to the many students clubs and sporting activities on offer. Currently we have 46 countries represented on campus, a dynamic blend of people, ideas and perspectives.


Enjoy living in a cosmopolitan city, where you will quickly become part of a closely knit network of friends and colleagues. Yaşar is located near to the city centre, in one of the liveliest and safest neighbourhoods. It offers you a wide selection of student flats, houses and dormitory options.



Welcome to the Yasar University International Office Webpage. Yasar University offers an exciting opportunity for international students who are looking for a fulfilling academic experience. On this site you can find step-by-step application guidelines or contact us directly by email, phone or Skype! As more international students look to Turkey for study abroad options, many have been attracted to Yasar University’s growing national and international profile. Established in 2001 and located in the coastal city of Izmir, Yasar University brings students into the heart of Turkish-Aegean lifestyle and culture to deliver a quality and prestigious education. Yaşar University students have access to state-of-the-art facilities, the opportunity to work with our accomplished and international academic staff, as well as study abroad opportunities through the Erasmus and Global Exchange programmes.

Selçuk YAŞAR - Founder and Honorary President of Yaşar University

Dear students, Yaşar University seeks to extend the boundaries of knowledge and human experience through research, creativity and the delivery of a professional education of the highest caliber. Each of our faculties and vocational school prepares its students in the best possible way for their future careers. Our graduates are increasing in number every year and are positioning themselves as the successful, professional leaders of tomorrow, ever conscious of their role as responsible members of society. Yaşar University is a prominent institution of higher education that is deeply attached to Izmir, one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey. The university takes pride in fostering strong ties with local organisations and being proactively involved in local community projects. In addition, the university also benefits from its prestigious national and international reputation. To demonstrate this reputation with concrete examples; our university has achieved widespread media coverage of our new ventures, the successes of our academics and the institutional awards received in 2015, being featured in 4,898 newspaper articles, bringing our institution to the forefront of media attention both in the Aegean region and in Turkey. Yaşar University continues on its path, committed to the delivery of quality education and innovation, and to the implementation of its founding principles of ‘Science – Unity – Success’. It is with these sentiments that I wish all our students every success in their studies and in their future careers.