Life in Izmir
“Modern Social and cultural life in Izmir...”

City Photos

The central campus of the university, the Selçuk Yaşar Campus, is located in one of the largest districts of the city, Bornova. Since the establishment of Ege University in 1955, Bornova has had the largest student population in Izmir. Getting to this student district, in which social life is always burgeoning, from the city centre, takes just 10 minutes on the metro. The Selçuk Yaşar Campus is located exactly opposite the “Bölge” metro station in Bornova. The Yaşar University Student Dormitory is also located in Bornova, 300 meters from the Selçuk Yaşar Campus.

The increasing number of students of the 5 universities in Izmir, one of the most modern city in Turkiye, also contribute greatly to the viability of the local economy.

In terms of culture, the city has much to offer with annual film festivals, jazz and music festivals and the annual international fair.

Most importantly, the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Centre is home to the largest acoustic concert hall in Turkey and hosts many national and international concerts, exhibitions and festivals throughout the year.

With 300 days of sunshine every year, its welcoming and hospitable people, “Beautiful Izmir”, is it is known in Turkey, is a touristic paradise on earth with its coastline, beaches, mountains, plateaus, thermal spring, forests, agricultural produce unique to the Aegean and its climate.

The cities’ signature breakfast pastries “gevrek” and “boyoz” accompanied with Tulum cheese and eggs, and the sweet breeze of the Kordon promenade will forever remind you of your university years.

Tourism is one of the major activities in the region, with sun, sea and sand tourism on the coastline, historical and cultural tourism around the ancient sites, mountaineering and winter sports in the Bozdağ mountains, rural tourism in the village of Şirince, health tourism at thermal spring sites in Balçova and Çeşme, as well as cultural tourism related to the international festivals and fairs and pilgrimages to holy sites.