Izmir offers many great housing choices including Yaşar University’s new Halls of Residence. The University campus is centrally located which means there are many flats, houses and other accommodation options available. International Office is always available to provide assistance in finding an accommodation that suits best each student’s needs.

Student Dormitory

Halls of Residence

The newly built halls of residence are located within five minutes walk of the university campus. They offer students a safe and comfortable environment as well as providing entertainment options during their study years. The buildings accommodate some 400 students. All rooms (twin or triple bed options) have in-suite bathrooms and are furnished to the highest standard with the students’ needs in mind. A mini fridge, free unlimited wireless internet access, hot water (24 hours a day), as well as central heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, are also provided. Other facilities include a refectory, a café, a market shop, a laundry, and an ATM. Of course there are many lounges and social spaces for meeting friends and hanging out. There are also study rooms, a TV room, and areas for playing table tennis, billiards, and keeping fit on the tredmills.

People with special needs are welcome at the Halls of Residence. The architecture of the buildings is such that they provide easy wheelchair access. Priority has also been given to the design of the interior, for example the toilet and shower facilities, to make life easy for people with special needs. International Students who have decided to stay at the Halls of Residence should complete and attach the following residence application form to their university application.

Once students have confirmed their attendence at Yaşar University, they may apply to stay at the halls of residence. The International Office can help facilitate students’ halls of residence applications.