Tuition Fees (including VAT):

English preparatoryyear

9.000 6.500 USD per year

Undergraduate programmes

9.000 6.500 USD per year

Master degree programmes

9.000 6.500 USD for the complete programme

Doctorate programmes

Full tuition fee waiver

Vocational Schools

5.000 3.500USD per year

Fees are payable by bank transfer in one or two installments (The first payment upon registration in the fall semester and the second payment at the beginning of the spring semester). Tuition fees include membership to the university library and sports facilities, an assigned academic advisor, support classes in Turkish, graduate bench fees, as well as access to campus and IT facilities 24/7. Fees at Yasar University are subject to review on an annual basis in line with currency fluctuations.


Students applying from partner universities (global or Erasmus partners) are eligible for a 10% discount.
Students who have siblings registered at Yaşar University may benefit from a 15% discount.


International Relations and Programs Office Scholarships:

Students who have a good track record in their previous studies may apply for International Office Scholarships while applying to Yaşar University. A limited number of scholarships are available and will be awarded to the most successful candidates. Within the quota determined, scholarships for international office will be 100%, 50% and 25% basis.

Academic Achievement Scholarships:

Undergraduate students enrolled at Yaşar University are eligible for scholarships based on their academic performance. Any student, who has completed the first academic year with achievement, will be eligible to apply for an academic scholarship. Within the quota determined, scholarships for the following academic year, will be awarded on a 100%, 50% and 25% basis. For further information , please consult to student affairs directorate.

Information Note About Application Fee and Down Payment:

*** A non-refundable application fee of 50 USD will be charged to all applicants.

For students who are accepted to their desired program, a non-refundable placement fee of 500 USD will be charged to those who accept the program placement.

The non-refundable 50 USD fee will be applied to your tuition fee if you choose to accept entrance to the program.

Graduate Degree Scholarship List for Students (Students’ who meet with the criteria will be elegible to apply to scholarship)
Examination/Grading Type For %25 Scholarship For %50 Scholarship For %100 Scholarship Accomodation Scholarship
Graduation Grade Point Average 3.30/4.00-3.59/4.00                        %86-%90 3.60/4.00-3.79/4.00                        %89-%92 3.80/4.00 or higher                         %95-%100 3.90 or higher
GRE,GMAT or Ales %80-86 %87-90 %91 or higher %95 or higher
Associate/Undergraduate Degree Scholarship List Given For Students (Students’ who meet with the criteria will be elegible to apply to scholarship)
Examination/Grade Type For %25 Scholarship For % 50 Scholarship For % 100 Scholarship Accomodation Scholarship
Graduation GPA 3.00/4.00-3.20/4.00                  %75-%80 3.21/4.00-3.49/4.00 %81-%86 3.50/4.00 or higher                 %87-%100 3.80 or higher
Attestat  Turkish Republic Highest Score: 5.00 4,25 4,5 4,75 4,80 or higher
Scholastic Aptitute Test (SAT) USA Based International Examination Highest Score : 800 1325 1450 1550 1700 or higher
Secondary School Certificate Pakistan Highest Score: A+ B+ A- A, A + A +
Abitur/Fachabitur Germany Highest Score :1.1 2.9-2.6 2.5-2.1 1.9-1.1 1.4-1.1
International Baccalaureate (IB) 30/45-33/45 34/45-37/45 38/45 or higher 42 or higher
A Level Out of two scores, at least B and C Out of two scores, at least B Out of two scores at least A and B At least two A

Health Insurance

In accordance with Turkish law, all foreign persons residing in Turkey must obtain private health insurance insurance in order to be eligible for a residence permit in Turkey.

Yaşar University provides health insurance coverage to citizens of foreign countries.

The university provides Bachelors degree-seeking students with 4 years of health insurance coverage, as long as the student has paid the tuition fees for the relevant year.

PhD and Master degree students are provided with 1 year of coverage, after which period it is the student’s responsibility to renew that coverage or obtain a different policy.

As students must apply for a residence permit within one month of arriving in Turkey, it is important that international students complete their registration process and make tuition payments promptly.

This insurance allows students to seek care at private hospitals and clinics; some treatments and care require modest out-of-pocket expenditures.

Please contact an International Office staff member for more information.

There is also an on-campus health clinic that provides basic care (checkups, prescriptions, medical reports, etc, that students may use free of charge.