Selcuk Yasar Campus has studios, workplaces, laboratories specially for each department besides the classrooms furnished with high technology. The student clubs founded by the students are active in the fields of culture, art and sports so that students can put their free time to good use with socio-economic activities.

Our campus is an academic area operating international standards in terms of providing students with a natural environment and physical space. In order to provide the physically disabled students with an environment in which they can move easily, there are elevators and ramp mechanisms on campus. It is forbidden to smoke in both the open and indoor places on the whole of the campus. Selcuk Yasar Campus is the first campus in Turkey to enact this rule. The campus carries values of an academic environment applying international standards which are the requirements of civilization.

Campus Life

Yaşar University Selçuk Yaşar Campus consists of 19 buildings established on 26.000 m2. In our campus, there are many laboratories, studios and public areas provided for students and listed as follows:

  • Computer labs
  • Cad-cam lab
  • Ergonomics lab
  • Language Lab
  • Electronics Lab
  • Photograph Studio
  • Dance Studio
  • Film Studio
  • Radio Studio
  • Music Studios
  • Conference Hall
  • Cinema
  • Court Room
  • Sports Center
  • Fitness Center
  • Strategic Games Room
  • Photographic and Graphic Workshops
  • Amphitheater
  • Architecture Workshop

Living Space Fullfilled with the Latest Technology

Also, wireless internet connection is provided in every part of the campus. Document transformation regarding official documents is also implemented online. To reduce paper consumption, the announcements in our campus are made through digital announcement screens in particular points.

Facilities of Our Campus

In Selçuk Yaşar Campus, food is prepared. The daily lunch menu Yasar Katalog (386)includes soup, two main courses, fruit, 3 side dishes, yoghurt, salad and 3 kinds of desserts. (Two alternatives of diabetic food are also available )

The establishments which provide a good environment and service to the students, and also furnish the daily life in the campus include;

  • Cafeteria
  • Unistore (students can purchase their digital prints and photocopies)


Student Clubs

Yaşar University has a number of student clubs, which contribute to the personal and professional development of the students and also allow them to engage in various activities in a participative social environment. The student clubs are active all year round and carry out activities which are both educational and contribute to the social development of the students. Yaşar University students graduate as creative young intellectuals who are sensitive to the environment and all forms of life as a result of the arts and project based education of the University, with the awareness of social responsibility and the belief that science is the only true guide. In this context, the students are offered a wide selection of activities based on their areas of interest. Currently, there are 47 clubs focusing on a specific vocation or area of interest, while students may apply to establish new clubs if the need should arise.

R&D Innovation and Technology ClubYasar Katalog (266)

Kemalist Thought Club

Art&Design Tank Club

Information Technologies Club

Cycling Club

Translation Club

Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club

Maritime ClubYasar Katalog (277)

Dance Club

Foreign Trade Club

Literature Club

Economics Club

Industrial Engineering Club

Energy Efficiency and Management Club

Erasmus Student Network

Art and Ideas Club

Finance and Stock Exchange Club

Flag Football ClubYASAR-Yelken-4

Photography Club

Entrepreneurship Club

Go Club

Folklore Club

Aviation Club

Animal Protection Club

Law Clubyu-kampuste-yasam-topluluk

Logistics Club

Ieee Engineering Club

Communication Club

Kickboxing Club

Classical Western Music Club

Book Club

Mathematics Club

Architecture Club

Model United Nations Club

Archery and Darts ClubYSR_9490

Marketing Club

Psychology Club

Rhythm Club

Robotics Club

Rock Club

Chess Club

Cinema ClubYSR_7999

Social Responsibility Club

Underwater Club

Theatre Club

Tourism Club

Sailing Club

Social Activities

With the many activities that take place on campus and outside of theYSR_9847 University throughout the year, students have the opportunity to further their social development as well as their academic development. All of the faculties and institutes use the conference halls to host a number of conferences, panels, talks, exhibitions and concerts. Apart from conferences to which well-known figures are invited to speak and symposia and panels touching upon issues experienced in various sectors, Yaşar University hosts international organizations to which international guests come from all around the world.

Apart from the conference YSR_7332halls, the campus also has a pocket cinema, where many films are shown and national/international film festivals are held throughout the year.

The foyer area of the Bornova Selçuk Yaşar Campus also serves as a gallery where the works of famous artists and those of the students are presented to art lovers throughout the year.

The annual Spring Festival hosts a number of concerts and shows by student groups, as well as various games and animation activities, before closing with the concerts of famous artists. The Spring Festival allows the Theatre, Dance, Folklore and Music Yasar Katalog (394)Clubs to present the fruits of their activities on campus.

Established upon the initiative of our Founder and Honorary President Mr. Selçuk Yaşar in 2006, the Yaşar University Chamber Orchestra gives monthly concerts at the Selçuk Yaşar Campus Concert and Conference Hall. The Yaşar University Chamber Orchestra is comprised of artists who are soloists in their own right, and has strengthened its lineup to successfully represent the University at national and international events.



Health services in the University are provided by the Health, Culture and Sports Directorate. The Yaşar University Health Centre is the first point of application for students experiencing any kind of health problem. The Health Centre provides free first aid and care services to all students. This service includes initial diagnosis and treatment and emergency first aid. In emergency situations the need and priority for ambulance services will be determined by the Health Centre staff. The Health Centre staff consists of the workplace physician, a nurse and a health officer.


Psychological Counseling and Guidance

yu-kampuste-yasam-pdrThe Psychological Counseling and Guidance Centre aims to provide services to maintain the psychological health of students. University students may experience a lot of stress. Due to the issues experienced in the transition from adolescence to adulthood (such as taking responsibility, individualism, decisionmaking and interpersonal relations), students may feel the need to seek help from a professional. Our psychological counseling service aims to provide students with the skills and knowledge to support their personal development, solve their academic, social and personal problems and help them to cope with the stress of daily life and support the students in their mental, emotional and social development at the highest level. Students may contact the Psychological Counseling and Guidance Centre directly to receive developmental and preventive care services.

Disability Counseling and Coordination Centre

In accordancyu-kampuste-yasam_engelli-dayanismae with the “Regulations for the Counseling and Coordination of Disabilities in Higher Education Institutions” prepared by the Higher Education Council and published in the Official Gazette dated 20.06.2006 issue 26204, a Disability Counseling and Coordination Centre, reporting to the Yaşar University Rectorate, has been established. The Centre aims to facilitate the studies of our disabled students by removing all barriers to their university education. Furthermore, the Centre carries out various activities to increase sensitivity to the issue and raise awareness among the academic and administrative staff and the entire student body. The Disability Counseling and Coordination Centre organizes face to face meetings with our disabled students to identify the status of their disabilities, their issues and needs, to develop individual solutions facilitating access to learning materials and examinations. The Centre also meets with faculty administrators and academics to develop solutions for students with special needs to take part in lectures and examinations.