Tuğba Dass

Director of International Relations and Programmes Office

Tugba is originally from Izmir and has studied, lived and worked in Germany, France, Dubai, Georgia, Ukraine and Ireland. She holds an American BBA degree in International Management and a European MBA degree in luxury Brand Management from Paris Graduate School of Management, ESG. She also studied Tourism Management for 1 year in Germany. She enjoys travelling and has a passion for international cuisine.


Merve Akıntürk

Chief of International Relations and Programmes Office
  • Outgoing Erasmus Student Advisor

Merve is from İzmir. She studied Business Administration at Yaşar University for her bachelor degree and then she hold her MBA degree from Yaşar University. She is currently studying for her PhD degree in European Studies at Dokuz Eylül University. Merve is Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator and works as International Education Expert. She is coordinating the whole Erasmus+ Programme and mainly organising Erasmus+ Student Mobility for outgoing students, Erasmus+ Teaching&Staff Mobility for incomings, Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional agreements. She has also worked on a number of European Union projects with the EU Center at Yaşar University. She enjoys travelling, cooking and playing various sports and also loves good music.


Melike Etik

International Education Specialist
  • Erasmus+ Incoming Sudent Advisor
  • Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Traineeship Advisor
  • Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Advisor

Melike is from İzmir, while her grandparents came from Crete, Greece. She studied International Relations at Anadolu University for her bachelor degree. Melike is responsible for Erasmus+ Programme; Incoming Students, Student Mobility for Traineeship and Staff Mobility, as well as budgeting and agreements. She also worked on a number of EU projects with the EU Center at Yaşar University. Melike likes travelling, cooking, singing and listening music and learning about different cultures.


Beti Barki

International Education Specialist
  • Agent Agreements

Beti is from Izmir and studied P.R and Advertisement at Yaşar University. She is currently studying for a master’s degree in communication. Beti is responsible for incoming Erasmus and global exchange students and also prepares orientations for the students. Beti enjoys sailing and running in her free time.


Sevcan Gizem Gürüz

International Education Officer
  • Student Welfare and Exchange Student Intake

Sevcan earned her bachelor degree in “International Relations and European Union” from Izmir University of Economics and holds a master degree in “Business Administration” from University of Rome Tor vergata. She gained international experience by studying abroad and gained multinational management skills by attending many different international conferences around Europe, during her student life. Sevcan was involved in several United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Projects as an assistant project coordinator. She is now working as a student advisor in International Office. She is always enthusiastic about political science, history, foreign languages, cross cultural psychology and the role of nongovernmental actors in world affairs. Outside of her working life, she loves to write and travel.


Bilgin Tevfik Akçiçek

International Education Officer
  • Full-time Student Admissions and Marketing

Bilgin Tevfik Akçiçek was born in Izmir. He graduated from Yaşar University’s Department of Business Administration. During his undergraduate studies, he went to France as an Erasmus student and studied at Rouen Business School for 6 months. He holds a master degree from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. He gained cultural experiences during his studies . He is fluent in Spanish and English and he has B1 level of French. He works now as an international student advisor and he is responsible for the international promotion of the university. He is interested in psychology and foreign languages. He loves doing sport in his free time.


Sara Nefis Öndeş

International Education Officer
  • Global Partnership Agreements and Outgoing Exchange

Sara was born and raised in the US and recently moved to Izmir. She completed her studies in the US and has a BBA major in Business Administration and a minor in Computer Science. She is responsible for developing and maintaining global university partnerships. She enjoys playing tennis and traveling in her free time.


Seda Arıkan

International Education Officer
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing

Seda is from Izmir. Her family came from Rhodes. She graduated with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising at Yaşar University. She has been involved in many social events and projects both inside and outside the university. She prepared “Consumer Society”, “Advertising, and Brand Communication”, “Public Relations and Corporate Communications” projects for universities and corporate companies. She has been the president of Yaşar University’s Dance Club for 3 years. (Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Modern Dance Performances) She has actively been in the International Latin Dance Competition and the Eurovision Festival. Since graduating, she has been working for 7 years for Domestic and International Companies. ( Marketing, Advertising and Budgets, Sales, Communication, Social Media, Fair Works, Campaign and Communication Goals, Message Strategies, Situation & SWOT & Competitor Analysis, Target Audience and Creative Strategies, Event Calendar Planning for Channels and Media, Customer Relations Strategies ) Seda is responsible for all social media works, digital marketing, and international events and activities within the scope of the presentation of the University. Seda loves all Zumba, Latin, Modern and Oriental dance, riding horses, windsurfing, snowboard, trying different sports activities, new media, and social communication trends.


Armağan Gülyüz

International Education Officer

Armağan was born and raised in İzmir. He graduated from Yasar Unıversity’s department of statistics. He likes skiing and travelling. Also he is interested in Electronic Music and mixing. He works as an international education officer and he is responsible for the international promotion of the university.