Our Dear Yasar University Students;

Would you like to get your dream education in your dream country?

ISEP is a nonprofit international education organization committed to sending university students around the world through exchange and study abroad experiences

ISEP (International Student Exchange Program) can be found in more than 270 universities across the United States, and 300 universities in more than 50 countries. Since 1979 more than 54,000 students have been able to study in different countries worldwide.

With research, projects, and agreements completed by the Office of International Relations and Programs, you can now be part of this advantageous organization.

Besides receiving a good education and broadening your horizons, you will able to be a part of different cultures and develop new friendships when you join the Global Exchange Program.

Yasar University students can study for one or two semesters in their desired country and pay the tuition fee as if they were studying at Yaşar.

You can become a part of the ISEP opportunity program and experience the educational value that the universities of the program offer.

  • Students who will be participating in the ISEP program will only pay the dormitory and dining fees at Yaşar and will pay no additional fees to the university where they will study.
  • The ISEP program offers the chance to study at prestigious universities.
  • You can review all of the countries and universities that we have an agreement with from the link below.


All you need to do to study abroad: be a student of Yasar University and finish your first academic year at Yasar.

Remember that in your country and university, you will be representing both your university and your country.

For detailed information;

** You can visit the International Relations and Programs Office at Yasar University any time.