First experiences from the eyes of our new incoming exchange student from Pakistan.

First experiences from the eyes of our new incoming exchange student.

A  Student Exchange Network is the program in which students from a secondary or university study abroad at one of their institution's partner institutions in which they not only study but also gathers at one platform from different countries, languages and cultures despite color, cast and creed to learn something new where they come to know about people of different countries their norms, behaviors and their cultures it’s the only platform where you get the chance of exposure about many more.

I saw the students who were going to abroad for "Exchange Program Network"  and I wished to study abroad. I thought that it will be difficult but not Impossible because "Impossible is I'm Possible itself and I applied for this in Superior University.

One day, I were sitting in the classroom and my cell phone ranged it was the phone call from International office they said that your Application for Exchange program has been accepted and they decided to send me to Yasar University I were happy because an uninterpretable dream turns to reality & On 15 September 2018 I reached to Izmir . (The land of my Dreams). I found the people of Izmir very kind, helpful and cooperative I felt like I've been there before but No! it was for the first time. I were excited enough to go to university and on 17 September 2018 I went to  Yasar University.

The management staff sent me to international office when I entered in the office I told them my name and it was WOW that the staff was already familiar to my name and they welcomed me like I were never welcomed before. they send me to Room no y107 for orientation. Everyone introduced his self there and I were pleased that there were the students from Pakistan, Turkey, Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech republic, Belgium and from many other countries.

The first day of Orientation was Amazing and on second day everyone gave presentation about their countries and their cultures (food, language, places, currency) though which I've explored the cultures of 15+ countries and I'm on the way towards my destination.

Yes! I came there alone but NO! I'll not return alone I'll return with the good relationship with Yasar University,  I'll return with many friends from different countries, I'll return with many memories, I'll return with many lessons of life, I'll return with the deep exposure of the land of The dream Universities "IZMIR".

I'm thankful to Superior & Yasar University. I hope I'll be a great journey in Yasar University and in Izmir . I wish Best of Luck to all Students .

Faiza Idrees