American Explorer Girl - Love of Turkey 👏👏

Emma Walker Silverman is wowing people all over with her fluent Turkish and love for Turkey. She received a Fulbright scholarship and graduated with a major in Psychology at Stanford University.

She preferred to start working in Turkey on relatable subjects to her major in Psychology.

"I decided that the best city to work in other than Istanbul might be Izmir after getting in touch with the International Relations Department of Yaşar University, which has worked with immigrants and many young people in Izmir."

"I reached Gökay Özerim who is a Faculty Member at Yasar. Since September, as part of the European Union, the Jean Monnet Module Project coordinated by Gökay Özerim, has continued its research studies on 'the perspective of young people towards Syrian refugees'."

"Our research focuses on young people, the perceptions of young people about Syrians, and the processes affecting those perceptions: what are the attitudes of students and non-students? We will deliver our results from this information in our articles."

Stating that she was impressed with her compilations of visits from the last 10 years, Emma Walker Silverman. "We have toured almost all of Turkey by car, we traveled the Black Sea, South, and Istanbul."

"I always wanted to come back because I love Turkey very much. My favorite countries were South Africa and Turkey. As a student, I came back to İstanbul in the 10th grade and stayed with 3 Turkish families. Turkey was very rich in history and culture. Then I continued to come for summer holidays".

"I studied psychology at Stanford University, I stayed in Oxford and South Africa for a while. At the same time, I received Turkish language and culture education as a side branch. My love for Turkey, my intellectual interests and improved some important language skills. In the summer of 2016 with the scholarship I won, I had the opportunity to study advanced and intensive Turkish at Boğaziçi University. This enabled my Turkish skills to improve greatly, "she said.